8 Easy Hacks to save phone battery from draining fast

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8 Easy Hacks to save phone battery from draining fast

While it’s a fact that smartphones today consume more power, if you can learn about some of the power-saving tricks, it’s not difficult to extend the life of your phone battery. Today we list some tips that are effective in saving electricity. Read and save your phone battery.

1. Reasonable location service

On the iPhone, you can choose to turn on the location service only when the application has a need, and don't leave the GPS service turned on.

How to turn off iPhone location service

2. Manage the notification service

Now more and more mobile apps will push messages, and the phone will wake up after receiving the message, which increases power consumption. Properly canceling some unimportant message notifications is a wise choice.

How to turn off iPhone notification service

3. Use dark pictures as wallpaper

This trick is very effective for mobile phones using AMOLED screens because AMOLED screens can control whether a single pixel is illuminated. If the wallpaper is darker, then fewer pixels will be illuminated, thus achieving the goal of saving power as much as possible.

4. Enable flight mode

In the tunnel, or in the mountains, the phone may not receive the signal, but it will always automatically search the network, which consumes a lot of power. At this time, it is best to enable flight mode.

5. Force close background apps

The Android applications are always running in the background. Although it makes multitasking more convenient, it also increases power consumption. Use an app manager to prevent unnecessary automatically refreshing.

force close all apps to save your iphone battery

6. Reduce screen brightness

The screen is a big power consumer. Turning down the brightness can save a lot of power, and turning off the automatic brightness adjustment can also save the power consumption of the ambient light sensor.

7. Turn off Wi-Fi

Without turning off Wi-Fi, the phone will automatically try to connect to an available Wi-Fi network nearby, resulting in increased power consumption.

8. Keep your phone cool

Lithium battery heating will increase the power consumption speed and shorten the life of your phone battery, so it is better not to play games under charging conditions or to place the phone in the sun or any other hot place.


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