How does the mobile phone charger be good or bad?

May 24, 2019

How does the mobile phone charger be good or bad?

Phone charger is very common in life, but with the universality of use, mobile phone charger brand more and more, the quality is also uneven. So the quality of mobile phone charger is also a headache for the vast number of mobile phone users, today we come to send you benefits.

Today to teach you how to distinguish the quality of mobile phone charger good or bad:


How does the mobile phone charger be good or bad?

1. See if the phone charger has a certification mark.


It is understood that China's impact on consumer safety of electronic products to implement CCC certification system. Although the mobile phone charger is a small object, but the quality of good or bad is related to the safety of life and property, especially while charging side of the use of time repair.
When purchasing mobile phone charger and other electronic power products, be sure to recognize CCC logo.


2. See the mobile phone charger brand or whether it is original


We all know that some electronic big-name charger quality or more information over, the best is to recognize the original mobile phone charger. If the original is broken, but also to recognize the well-known reputable charger production brand merchants.


3. See how the phone charger looks material


Why do defective products have repeated accidents? Poor mobile phone charger cost is low, quality can not be guaranteed. Taking the appearance material as an example, the appearance plastic of the genuine charger uses the raw plastic, the hardness is high, and the defective product uses the recycled plastic more, the material price is only about half of the former, the anti-fall is far inferior to the former. In addition, there is still a serious problem of cutting corners of defective products.


How is the mobile phone charger different? As long as you follow the steps above to choose, you have a safe layer of insurance for your life. But whether you buy a reliable or not so reliable charging head, the safe way to use or to pay attention to, should discard some of the security risks of mobile phone use habits. The use of the charger can not be sloppy, otherwise light will cause damage to electronic equipment, heavy may be the risk of explosion.

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