How much do you know about the magnetic car phone holder?

January 11, 2020

How much do you know about the magnetic car phone holder?


How much do you know about the magnetic car phone holder? Well, that is not an easy question. We believe that you may have a basic acknowledgment of magnetic phone holder for the car via our previous blogs, while today we’d like to take this one as an example, Amoner Magnetic Telescopic Phone Holder and we do hope you will have a better and deeper understanding of it after reading.   


Is it necessary to buy a magnetic phone holder? 

 Yes, it is, 3 points can explain why you need to get one.

  • Make the phone pick-up convenient

If you spend your time in traffic catching up on business or personal calls, a magnetic cell phone holder will make it easier for you to take more calls safely. It's a convenient way to conduct hands-free personal and business affairs. 


  • Keep your phone in one place

Instead of digging through your briefcase, purse, or pocket to locate a ringing phone, keep it at eye level with a cell phone magnet mount on your dashboard.


  • Remain safe while driving

Oftentimes, it's hard to resist answering a phone or text while driving. You’re less likely, however, to take your eyes off of the road if you have a magnetic car mount.


What are the key features?


  • Wide Compatibility: One of the first things you must determine when purchasing a magnetic phone car mount is whether the product is compatible with your device. Most cell phone magnet mounts work with both iPhone and Android devices. Universal phone holder for car will firmly hold most smartphones and mini tablets like iPhone XS/ XS MAX/ X /8 /7 /6S /Plus, Samsung Note 9/ Galaxy S10/ S10+/ S10E/ S9/ S8 /S7 /S6 /Edge S6 /S5, iPad Air 2/Mini 3/ Pro 9.7 and more.


  • Washable Suction Pad:  This magnetic cell phone holder is equipped with the reusable suction cup, just rinse with warm water and air dry. You can wash the suction cup frequently without losing the adhesion.


  • Quick Installation:  You do not need any tools or tiring screw to install the car phone mount or operate, just pull and push to adjust the length. Release or lock the phone by one hand so that the lever on the suction cup can firmly grasp the instrument panel and securely fix it on the entire drive.


Amoner Magnetic Telescopic Phone Holder


  • Swiveling capability:  If you want the ability to rotate your phone on a magnetic car mount, make sure the product swivel. The innovative ball joint allows for full rotation to assure optimal viewing angle including vertically or horizontally so both the driver and passengers can turn the mount to see the screen.  


  • Effectiveness on bumpy roads: If you drive regularly over potholes or on uneven roads, ensure that the magnetic phone mount can withstand bumpy conditions. If the magnet isn't strong enough, you will constantly have to fight to keep your phone attached to the holder. Some products feature heavy-duty magnets and are better equipped to hold phones during rough road conditions.


  • The attractive price: Yes, you read that correctly! You need to consider its' price. Usually, the price of a Magnetic car phone holder goes to a few dollars to tens of dollars and the price is affordable and acceptable for you. So Amoner Magnetic Telescopic Phone Holder is no exception, it’s quite attractive so that it makes you tempted and fascinated. 


  • Compact design:  The extendable arm is friendly to store and carry around, saving space in your car.  You can adjust its length according to your viewing habits.

Tips & Advice about magnetic phone holder for car

  • Please DO NOT remove the suction cup directly, unlock it first and pull up the small tab slowly to remove.


  • Please avoid exposing the suction cup to the sun at high temperature for a long time.


  • Clean the dashboard or windshield surface thoroughly to remove any dust or debris before installing the car mount.


  • We do NOT recommend to use this dashboard car mount on leather, wall or film-coated glass since the suction cup is designed with strong viscosity and suction power.  


  • Magnetic phone car mounts that use adhesive may leave behind a sticky residue when you remove them from the dashboard or windshield. Dental floss and a cleaner can help with removing the residue.


Amoner Magnetic Telescopic Phone Holder



Here we collect some common questions, hope can be a help.


Q1: Will this magnetic car phone holder attach to glass? 

A1: Yes, it will. The surface area must be flat. There's no guarantee that the mount will stay put on a curved surface.


Q2: Can this magnetic phone holder damage the dashboard? 

A2: Some types of it attach directly to the dashboard with the aid of a strong adhesive. This tape can usually be removed from the surface area using a cleaning solution, but it may take a little bit of elbow grease or to get the job done.


Q3: Will this magnetic phone car mount work in extremely cold or hot temperatures? 

A3:  Strong adhesive makes it holds up in both hot and cold temperatures. Please avoid exposing the suction cup to the sun at high temperature for a long time.


Q4: Can we angle the phone towards the driver or passenger? 

A4: Yes, you can. It enables you to rotate the phone, allowing both the driver and passenger to see and interact with the screen.




There is no doubt that this holder works great via users' real feelings. You can adjust your phone to the perfect position and it stays in place! No more shifting or dropping when you hit a bump or pothole. And mounting and unmounting my phone is as simple as 1-2-3. If you’re looking for something easier and more durable, we do suggest that you can consider this magnetic phone holder for the car because you will love it once you get one!


Feel free to let us know if you got any questions or any good ideas, we will glad if you leave your thoughts below.     



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